T-SQL Tuesday #159 Invitation – What’s Your New Favorite Feature?

T-SQL Tuesday with the famous Hashtag on twitter as #tsql2sday is all about sharing your experiences on a specific topic requested through invitation from one of the SQL family members every month of the year, encouraging SQL bloggers every month to participate in this blog post party.

Readers do enjoy reading different perspectives and experiences from SQL family members and learning the quick bits of knowledge. I encourage everyone reading this post to participate in this T-SQL Tuesday Party!

This month, I am inviting everyone to blog about two topics:

  1. Blog about your new favorite feature in SQL Server 2022 or in Azure. Why is it your favorite feature and what are your experiences and learnings from exploring this feature? If you have not explored these new features yet, No worries! Blog about the features you feel interested in exploring.
  2. New year, New Resolutions. What are your new year resolutions and how do you keep the discipline doing it day after day? Here are some examples: new hobby, plan to spend more time doing physical activity, wanted to read list of books (Please mention the names so it may also inspire others to read those books), journaling or any other resolutions you plan for this year.

Here are my answers to above questions:

  1. I am looking forward to learn about my favorite feature Query Store and its advancements in the SQL Server 2022. Query Store feature now supports the read only replicas from availability groups. The other advancement in Query Store is Query Store hints. I have written a blog post about it here. The other new feature is the parameter sensitive plan optimization where multiple plans are stores in plan cache for a single stored procedure reducing the parameter sniffing problems.
  2. This year, my resolution is to include exercise to my daily routine and reading David Goggin’s book all over again “Can’t Hurt me” before I begin to read his second book “Never finished”. It is getting harder to keep the exercise discipline. I had my gaps but I know I will get into the track again. I believe it is all about doing your best when you feel the worst. I am looking forward to listen to your resolutions and your discipline in following them day in and day out.

If you are looking for the latest features in SQL Server 2022, follow this series of videos by Bob Ward and Anna Hoffman explaining the new capabilities and features for SQL Server 2022. For new features in Azure, please check Azure SQL updates here and general overall Azure updates here.

Some of the Rules as you participate in the T-SQL Tuesday:

  • Your post must be published between 00:00:00 UTC and 23:59:59 UTC on Tuesday, February 14th. Remember to only publish on February 14th for February month of T-SQL Tuesday.
  • Include the T-SQL Tuesday logo at the top of your post and link your post back to this blog post. You can do this as a comment on this post.
  • If you’re on Twitter, tweet your post using the #tsql2sday.

Feel free to share as much as you can. I am looking forward to reading all your learnings and interests.

Thanks for reading!

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