T-SQL Tuesday #153: My Life changing event!

Thanks to Kevin Kline for hosting this month of T-SQL Tuesday! Kevin wanted us to share about the events that has changed our lives in a better way.

Becoming a speaker has changed my life. I decided to become a speaker during the dark times in my life. Speaking has become a therapy to me. It has helped me pass through the rough times in my life.

I am always thankful to the conference “New Stars of Data” for giving me the opportunity and the platform to speak for the first time as a Speaker. My journey begin from here as a Speaker.

I have presented at many events later. Dataweekender is the second conference that gave me the opportunity to speak. This is one of my favorite conferences as well.

As I speak more, I gained a part of my confidence back. It is a continuous process. I took the step and decided to speak at the lowest point in my life. I sincerely can say that New Stars of Data event is a life changing event to me.

To anyone who wanted to become a speaker but if lack of confidence is stopping you from taking your first steps, please rethink. Confidence only comes by practice.

I can say that very sincerely because I spoke at several events later only to build my confidence. The more I presented, the more comfortable I became. Though I only presented virtually till date, I will carry the same confidence I gained when I present in-person.

When I think about the in-person events, I need to write a bit about the PASS Data Community Summit 2022. I am honored to be selected as a speaker at this year’s summit and I chose to present in-person.

I am very nervous to present in-person for the first time ever and that too for the biggest Data platform summit in North America. I believe having nervousness is a good thing when you are presenting because it will force you to prepare more and keeps you laser focused.

As New Stars of Data gave me a life as a Speaker, PASS Data Community Summit 2022 will definitely take me to the next level as a speaker as I will be presenting for the first time in-person.

Attending and presenting at the Conferences like SQLBits was one of the best experiences. Attending other events like EightKB is a great opportunity to learn internals about the SQL Server.

There are other conferences I have attended and learnt from other speakers.

During the Journey as a speaker, I have met new people along the way and few of them became my good friends for life!

I cherish all the moments…

I am very thankful to each and every organizer of the conferences, User groups and to each person who helped me along the way giving me the opportunity and supporting me at each step in my journey as a Speaker.

I would love to read other SQL Family member posts about this topic. Would love to learn from them how attending or speaking at different conferences changed their lives.

Thank you for reading!

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