T-SQL Tuesday 154 – New Performance Features in SQL Server 2022

Thanks to Glenn Berry for hosting this month T-SQL Tuesday. Glenn wanted us to write about the new features that we are excited about in the SQL Server 2022. Please find the invitation here.

I am very excited about the performance capabilities in SQL Server 2022. When we talk about performance, you know how much Query Store feature has actually helped in finding and resolving the slow performing queries since this feature got introduced in the year 2016.

If you already used the Query Store feature for your databases, you know it needs to be enabled at the database level. The primary use of this feature is to capture the execution plans and execution stats information for your queries over time so you can identify the regressions between the execution plans and take this information to fix most troublesome queries easily.

Starting SQL Server 2022, the Query Store feature is going to be enabled by default when you create new databases. If you need to migrate databases from older SQL servers to SQL Server 2022, then you need to still manually enable this feature.

In SQL Server 2019 and below versions, there is no support for the read only replicas for availability groups, meaning the query data is only collected to Query Store on primary replica and not the readable secondary replica. In SQL Server 2022, the query data is collected into Query Store on the secondary read only replicas for availability groups. Query Store hints can also be used in SQL Server 2022.

The other feature is the Query optimization for the parameter sensitive queries. In SQL Server 2019 and below versions, the moment the query executes for the first time, it saves the plan in the plan cache with the parameter value used for the first execution. The next time the same query runs with the different parameter value, the initial plan that got stored in the plan cache will be used. If the parameter that is being used for the first execution is sensitive, then it can generate a plan which can have resource consuming operators that can effect the next executions of the query with different parameters. This is because the same stored plan from the plan cache is reused.

In SQL Server 2022, multiple plans are generated based up on the parameter sensitive values and are saved in the plan cache. Depending on the parameter values, the optimizer will sniff the parameter value and use the execution plan based on the parameter value. This is a very useful feature as it can mostly solve the parameter sensitive query issues as the optimizer choses the right optimal plan for your queries based on the sensitivity of your parameter value.

I did not get a chance to test the performance capabilities in SQL Server 2022 but I am going to create a new demo for one of my upcoming sessions related to performance capabilities and Query store enhancements in SQL Server 2022.

Thanks to Glenn Berry one more time for boosting our interest in trying out the new features in SQL Server 2022 and to share the knowledge to the world.

I am looking forward to read this month T-SQL Tuesday posts from other SQL family members and learn their excitement and learnings from the new features SQL Server 2022.

Thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “T-SQL Tuesday 154 – New Performance Features in SQL Server 2022

  1. Query optimization tricks implemented in the Query Store – and generally in query engines – are pretty smart, and full of patterns on how to not only query data but also how to build structures. All of these announcements are similar to those coming from Google Search Engine, all of us are like SEO specialists, trying to be in touch to achieve the best effort. Thank you for coming to the party, Deepthi!


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